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Jan 24, 2018

Your voice is one of the primary ways that you interact with the world – and with other people. Yet, if you’re like most people, you struggle to find and use your true voice, on both physical and emotional levels. This was definitely the case for me. When I first started speaking, I was not only terrified, but I also had to project my voice without sounding like Minnie Mouse. As I learned to master the physical aspects of speaking and controlling my voice, I developed a greater comfort in expressing my true self. To learn more about igniting your fire by releasing your voice, check out this episode of Allie & You. My guest is the world’s most followed voice and performance coach, Per Bristow. He’s the creator of The Bristow Voice Method, which has empowered thousands of singers and speakers from more than 132 countries to heal, build and free their voices. Per’s method goes far beyond improving the physical voice. It also facilitates significantly greater levels of well-being, self-confidence, creativity and health, in addition to dramatically and rapidly improving communication, presentation and performance skills.