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Sep 28, 2017

Have you ever felt impatient about how long it’s taking to achieve your big vision of business success? Make sure you join me for today’s Allie & You.

I’m interviewing Brian Smith, the founder of the UGG Australia brand, which has matured into a billion-dollar global icon.

UGG is practically a household name these days. But the company’s sheepskin boots were definitely not a hit when Brian first introduced them to the U.S.

Brian shares several important business lessons that will inspire and motivate you. So I hope you’ll join us to discover:

The right time to start your business – and the surprising reasons why An important truth to remember about every successful company (if you ever get down on yourself for where your business is now, you can’t afford to miss this) How parenting relates to business … and what most entrepreneurs try to rush Why angel investors are not right for most businesses … and when you should find one The #1 goal all entrepreneurs should seek – and why it shouldn’t have anything to do with your business