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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Jan 10, 2024

I'm his mom, and I carried him for almost nine months, and no one loved him more than me. I'm his expert, and I'm going to own that. - Kathryn Whitaker

Have you ever found yourself amazed at the strength people find in the toughest of times? 

Well, on today’s podcast, we’re talking about one of the common themes we’ve seen over the past 200 episodes of Child Life On Call and something I consistently see parents share on social media. 

We’re talking about the incredible phenomenon of PTG, or post-traumatic growth. We're taking a special look at one of the deeply personal journeys a parent has embarked on during and after their child's medical battles. Together, we'll explore how these intense experiences can unexpectedly sow seeds of strength, knit tighter family connections, and awaken a profound appreciation for every precious moment of life. And guess what? We have a special guest, parent, and passionate advocate, Kathryn Whitaker, who's here to share her inspiring story. So grab your favorite cup of comfort, settle in, and join us as we uncover the resilience and beautiful transformation hidden within the heart of every parent's medical challenge.

Kathryn Whitaker, a proud 6th generation Texan and a mother of six, brings a wealth of personal experience and resilience to the Child Life On Call podcast. With a background in agriculture and marketing, Kathryn's journey as a seasoned NICU parent has inspired her to advocate for families facing similar challenges. Her work with Hand to Hold, a national nonprofit supporting NICU families, showcases her passion for providing strength and support to others dealing with the NICU experience. Through her difficult experiences, Kathryn has found personal growth and hope, offering valuable insights to parents navigating similar paths. Her unique perspective and unwavering resilience make her a compelling voice for anyone seeking strength and inspiration during challenging times.

You are not going to be the same person, thankfully, but hopefully a stronger, better version of the person who walked in the door, as opposed to the person who walks out. - Kathryn Whitaker

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About Katie Taylor, CCLS and Child Life On Call:

Katie Taylor is the co-founder and CEO of Child Life On Call, a digital platform revolutionizing pediatric healthcare by putting parents at the center of the medical journey. With over 13 years of experience as a certified child life specialist, Katie has made significant contributions to the field of child life and the families she’s served with over a decade of working at the bedside. She is an accomplished author, engaging child life and entrepreneurship speaker, and the Child Life On Call Podcast host. Katie's work emphasizes the vital role of child life services in supporting caregivers and enhancing children's medical journeys.

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