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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Jan 31, 2024

“Millie's journey has taken me to the end of myself, but it's been the most beautiful beginning of understanding humanness and how to be compassionate and how to really be kind to other people and take notice that the story that is their life may not be what you see.”

How does trauma affect the whole family, and how...

Jan 24, 2024

“If you have a question, ask it. You are the parent, you need to know” -  Jessica Siddi-Sewart 

How can medical parents use their experiences to promote action and advocacy?

As a child life specialist, I know that there is not one "normal" or "best" reaction for a parent when their child receives a medical...

Jan 17, 2024

In this episode about parenting a child with infantile spasms, Katie Taylor, a certified child life specialist, has a profound conversation with Hailey, a resilient mother navigating the complexities of raising a child with a disability. Join us as we delve into Hailey's journey, exploring the challenges and triumphs of...

Jan 10, 2024

I'm his mom, and I carried him for almost nine months, and no one loved him more than me. I'm his expert, and I'm going to own that. - Kathryn Whitaker

Have you ever found yourself amazed at the strength people find in the toughest of times? 

Well, on today’s podcast, we’re talking about one of the common themes...