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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Feb 28, 2024

In this profound episode, we join Katie Taylor as she delves into the inspiring journey of a military family navigating pediatric healthcare for their two medically complex children. Through the voice of the remarkable mother, Kat, we explore the unique challenges and triumphs of securing continuous, specialized care amidst the frequent relocations and complexities inherent to military life. Kat shares her experiences with advocacy, the importance of resilience, and the deep bonds forged through their family's journey, offering invaluable insights into the realities faced by military families dealing with medical complexities.

"Every challenge we've faced has only amplified our strength as a family. Our journey is a testament to the power of love, persistence, and advocacy." - Kat

Key Insights and Lessons:

  • The critical role of advocacy in navigating pediatric healthcare, especially within the military system.
  • Strategies for explaining medical treatments and changes to young children in a way that fosters understanding and cooperation.
  • The importance of building a supportive healthcare team that listens and adapts to the unique needs of each family.
  • Implementing coping mechanisms for children, like the "Brave Box," to make medical procedures more manageable and less intimidating.
  • Recognizing and nurturing the individual strengths and personalities of each child amidst their medical challenges.

Resources and Tips:


  • The Sticky Notes Diary: Follow Kat's blog for more insights and support for families of medically complex children in the military. Visit The Sticky Notes Diary. 
  • Child Life On Call Resources: Access a variety of resources tailored for parents, professionals, and healthcare providers to navigate pediatric healthcare experiences. Explore Resources

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Let's continue to support each other and share our stories, fostering a community where no one feels alone in their journey. Tune in next week for another episode filled with hope, courage, and the collective wisdom of our Child Life On Call family.


Whether you're a parent, healthcare professional, or simply interested in learning more about child life, this podcast is for you.

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Meet the host: 

Katie Taylor is the co-founder and CEO of Child Life On Call, a digital platform designed to provide parents, kids, and the care team with access to child life services tools and resources. She is a certified child life specialist with over 13 years of experience working in various pediatric healthcare settings. Katie is the author of the children's book, and has presented on the topics of child life and entrepreneurship, psychosocial care in the hospital, and supporting caregivers in the NICU setting both nationally and internationally. She is also the host of the Child Life On Call Podcast which features interviews with parents discussing their experiences throughout their child's medical journey. The podcast emphasizes the crucial role of child life services in enabling caregivers both at and beyond the bedside.