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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

May 29, 2024

Episode Description:

Join Katie Taylor, CCLS in this episode as she talks with Dr. Michael Pitt the founder of Q-Rounds and a compassionate pediatrician (and magician!) dedicated to enhancing doctor-patient communication. 

As a child life specialist, Katie understands how crucial it is for families to not only be present during rounds but also to feel empowered and actively engaged in discussing the care plan with their team. When she learned about Q-Rounds, she knew she had to share this innovative approach with her parent and child life community.

Dr. Mike shares his insights on how healthcare professionals can better connect with their patients and the impact of these interactions on the overall healthcare experience. From amusing anecdotes with medical students to practical tips for introducing oneself to patients, Dr.  Mike's stories and advice are both enlightening and entertaining.

In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • Dr Mike's Focys on Enhancing Doctor-Patient Communication:

    • Dr. Mike discusses his research on effective communication in healthcare, including a study conducted at the state fair on how patients prefer their doctors to introduce themselves.
  • Q-Rounds Launching in Children's Hospitals
    • Exciting news! Q-Rounds, a virtual queue that sends real-time notifications to patients, families, nurses, and other stakeholders of when to arrive for rounds and gives families the opportunity to join virtually if they can’t be there in person, is now being deployed in children's hospitals, with Dr. Mike at the forefront of this initiative.

Parent Stories Matter

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When parents feel empowered, everyone wins – kids thrive and the care team excels!

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Meet the host: 

Katie Taylor is the co-founder and CEO of Child Life On Call, a digital platform designed to provide parents, kids, and the care team with access to child life services tools and resources. She is a certified child life specialist with over 13 years of experience working in various pediatric healthcare settings. Katie is the author of the children's book, and has presented on the topics of child life and entrepreneurship, psychosocial care in the hospital, and supporting caregivers in the NICU setting both nationally and internationally. She is also the host of the Child Life On Call Podcast which features interviews with parents discussing their experiences throughout their child's medical journey. The podcast emphasizes the crucial role of child life services in enabling caregivers both at and beyond the bedside.