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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Jun 8, 2022

Friends, you are not going to want to miss this episode! On today’s episode of the podcast,we hear about Laura’s Birth story and the beginning of her son Trey’s journey with congenital Leukemia. Laura shares the raw emotion and grief when she and her husband learn of Trey’s diagnosis. She goes intimately into detail about her first time seeing her newborn son, how it broke her to her core and how she began to pick up the pieces. Laura shares how her friends rallied behind her during this extremely challenging time and how we can support others going through a crisis. There is a part 2 to Laura’s story, sharing all about life during and after an extended stay in the hospital. 


[4:10] How they chose Trey’s name


[5:20] Unexpected diagnosis 


[9:25] Emergency C-Section


[10:48] Pep Talk with Mom


[15:59] Neonatologist gives them difficult news


[19:40] Laura describes that ‘tsunami’ feeling of their world crashing down around them


[22:24] Meeting the transport nurse who helped transport her son


[27:12] Meeting Trey at CHOP for the first time


[31:10] Processing the events


[33:58]Reality of the diagnosis sinking in 


[35:15] the Importance of taking care of yourself


[39:00] How to help in times of need

[42:19] How Laura’s friends and family supported her every step of the way


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