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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Aug 24, 2022

"I've connected with food allergy patients and we have all come together. That is the most important thing, to make sure that nobody feels alone."-Rebekah Wallace

Rebekah shares her life today as a teen with food allergies. This episode brings perspective to our listeners about how we can take our challenges and turn them into advocacy and awareness. Rebekah, shares her first memories of having food allergies and how she and her family learned to cope. She shares how she coped with the news and what she is doing today to bring awareness to food allergies.

[3:15] Rebekah shares her about her every day life as a teen with food allergies

[5:30] The struggle as a young child not understanding why she couldn't eat certain foods

[6:40] She began to understand the importance of the allergies around age 10

[7:45] Rebekah shares the first time she had to use an EPI pen

[8:00] She explains how remaining calm during a reaction is key

[10:30] How Pageantry made her feel confident to speak up about bringing awareness to food allergies

[11:55] The Allergy bet book she created to share with young children about food allergies

[15:45] Being able to connect with other peers going through the same thing was so helpful

[16:00] All children need is just love and support

[17:45] Rebekah shares her dream of being a oncology nurse


Instagram- @Rebekahreacts

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