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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Aug 31, 2022

Judith shares how one of her twins was born with albinisim and how she stayed positive during the diagnosis and beyond. This episode will absolutely touch your heart, Judith is a natural story teller and captures hows she embraced her daughter's albinism and has seen the beauty through it all.

[3:15] Judith shares her busy life and routine with the twins

[6:25] She shares about her high risk her twin pregnancy journey

[7:27] How the ultrasound tech noticed the bridge of the nose on both of the babies

[8:20] Overwhelming feeling that finding out about one issue after a next,

[8:49] Joining a support group felt like accepting the mis-diagnosis she received

[9:57] The doctor noticed her daughter stopped growing and told her she needed a c-section

[11:12] Soon after birth, she noticed her skin was light in color and Judith wondered if she had albinisim

[13:14] Baby girl had to stay a little longer to gain some weight when brother got discharged.

[15:25] Judith and her family were concerned about others not accepting her

[19:45] How her faith helped her maintain positivity during trying time

[21:45] While trying to become pregnant, Judith's faith that she would become pregnant with twins was walked out when she prepared the extra bedroom for children

[25:55] Confirming the gender of the babies

[29:00] How she felt like going to a support group for parents of blind children was accepting that her daughter would be blind

[32:00] Sharing how people in her culture treat albinisim

[33:40] Judith shares how she explained to her daughter how she was beautiful and that different is beautiful

[35:05] Sharing how she is confident in school and speaking to others about her differences

[36:50] How she uses her story to help others and inspire parents going through it

[40:00] Embracing the journey of albinism and seeing the beauty in it all

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