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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Sep 7, 2022

"It's not a time to say I'm sorry, It's a time to acknowledge that, yes in fact you had something you did not plan for, a traumatic event. But also you did have a baby and to step into that joy and gratitude and not lose sight of those things.-Jamie Cline

Jamie shares how her daughter Callie has persevered with tetralogy of fallot and later on a limb loss.She learned about her daughter's tetralogy of fallot just hours after having her 7 weeks premature. When Callie turned one, she shares how they came to the decision to do a lower leg amputation. Jamie shares Callie's journey of learning to walk with a prosthetic as well as the emotional journey she embarked on as a mother.

[3:00] Jamie shares about their family and hobbies

[4:50] Close monitoring during Jamie's pregnancy due to her pre-existing type 1 diabetes

[5:37] Callie was born 7 weeks early via c-section

[6:43] Learning of Callie's heart condition, Tetralogy of fallot

[8:30] The grief and anger to follow the initial diagnosis

[10:35] Feeling cheated of hopes and dreams she had

[11:40] Sharing the emotional challenges of others saying they are sorry rather than celebration

[13:12] Callie had to be transferred to a different hospital for the surgery

[15:00] How their community rallied around supported their family

[17:18] Callie went between the NICU and PICU for close to 3 months

[20:40] The best Christmas gift- Callie got to come home for Christmas

[21:40] Noticing Callie's limb difference shortly after birth

[26:05] At 19 months old, Callie had her amputation surgery

[27:30] Decision making process

[30:08] How grief was a big part of Jamie's journey to healing

[32:00] Jamie shares how she took care of her self during this difficult time

[36:00] How Callie has changed their lives and the positive things she has gleaned from being her mother

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