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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Dec 7, 2022

Katy shares about her daughter Charlotte and how her surgeries that left scars inspired her to write a book about seeing scars in a positive way. Finding out about her daughter's diagnosis at 32 weeks on a Thursday morning and then welcoming Charlotte that Friday evening, talk about a whirlwind!  Katy shares so many truths that will resonate with parents and how Charlotte has changed her life forever.

[5:00] Katy introduces herself

[6:23] Deciding what to share and not share

[8:44] Finding your tribe and shared experiences

[10:32] The diagnosis was a complete surprise

[11:59] Abnormalities on the ultrasound on a Thursday morning

[12:46] Being admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks pregnant

[13:31] Emergency C-section on Friday evening

[15:51] Getting cliff notes for diagnosis and drew photos to explain

[17:02] That numbing feeling of receiving a diagnosis

[18:23] Thinking of her husband and how it unfolded for him

[21:25] Wedding rings gone missing

[24:36] Placing value on people rather than things

[26:14] Meeting Charlotte for the first time

[30:55] Becoming close with the staff

[34:44] Importance of a support system

[37:50] Finding an expert who knew her diagnosis

[39:42] Balancing time between home and schools

[41:45] Milestones hit a little differently

[46:43] Inspiration to write a book

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