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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Jul 26, 2023

If you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and powerless as you try to address your child's unresolved behavioral issues, only to see them persist and worsen, then you are not alone! Despite your best efforts, the actions you may already be taking, such as discipline strategies, counseling, or seeking help from professionals, may not be producing the desired results. Instead, you may be witnessing strained relationships within your family, academic struggles, social isolation, and a constant sense of stress and worry. Understanding the long-term effects of unresolved behavioral issues on individuals and families is crucial in order to find effective support and interventions for your child.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unravel the secrets to overcoming behavioral dilemmas in parenting.

  • Be immersed in the transformative world of neurofeedback therapy.

  • Advocate for alternative healthcare treatments to disrupt the traditional landscape.

  • Dive into how neurofeedback revolutionizes family dynamics.

  • Grasp the lasting influence of unaddressed behavioral issues on family and personal life.

My special guest is Dianne Kosto

Our guest for this episode is Dianne Kosto, founder, and CEO of Symmetry Neuro-PT. A mother deserving the title on a mission, she has spent her life tirelessly looking for ways to help her son. Her dedication led her into unfamiliar territory: Neurofeedback. From holes in the walls to constant disruption at home and school, Dianne's quest for a solution kept taking her back to square one. That is, until she discovered neurofeedback. This unexpected journey allowed her son to thrive and inspired Dianne to shift gears professionally, creating a platform through which she could support other families.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction,

00:03:06 - Recognizing the Issue,

00:06:23 - Seeking Help,

00:07:27 - Neurofeedback Saves His Life,

00:09:19 - Coping and Emotional Impact,

00:14:22 - The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback,

00:15:07 - The Process of Neurofeedback,

00:16:12 - History and Research of Neurofeedback,

00:18:09 - Positive Results and Trust,

00:21:06 - Dianne's Personal Journey,

00:28:47 - Social Media Presence,

00:29:10 - Website and Resources,

00:29:39 - Interaction on Instagram

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