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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Jun 10, 2020

Katie interviews Meg and Jess, two certified child life specialists who also have dual certifications in rec therapy and nursing! These two ladies host a podcast called Don't Worry Bout My Hair and they are your @friendswithfros!

We tackle tough questions that are way overdue in the field of child life: 

  • Have you received any feedback or comments from black families regarding challenges due to limited diversity of the hospital staff?
  • What's been the most challenging thing about being a black woman in a predominantly white profession?
  • While I know you do not represent your entire race, like I don't represent mine, do you have any things you'd like white clinical and hospital staff to know, hear, or change?
  • What vital resources and habits would you like to for share children's hospital, specifically, that promote anti-racism and diversity?

This episode is also available on the Child Life On Call YouTube channel. 

Go listen to Jess and Meg's podcast and follow them on Instagram at @friendswithfros!

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