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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Jan 27, 2021

Effie's Story


Katie, Certified Child Life Specialist interviews Effie Parks, mom to Ford who was born with a rare disease called CTNNB1.

Effie is the host of the Once Upon a Gene podcast and in this episode she shares about her journey into parenthood and what it's like raising a child with special needs.

She describes how:

  • she...

Jan 20, 2021

Katie Taylor, Certified Child Life Specialist interviews Dana Burnett, Certified Child Life Specialist for the Bougier City, Louisiana school district. 

Dana talks about her child life journey up until this point and how she has transitioned to supporting K-8th grade students through 1:1 interventions.

She focuses on...

Jan 13, 2021

Katie, Certified Child Life Specialist talks to Danielle, mom to Della a daughter with Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis.

You may know Danielle formally as Danni Starr, the media personality, but she is also momma of two girls, one of which suffers from invisible, chronic illness.

Danielle takes us through what the journey...

Jan 6, 2021

Katie, Certified Child Life Specialist interviews Teresa, a mom of a teenage daughter with Spina Bifida. 

With no signs of abnormalities during her pregnancy, Teresa was shocked to learn that a fatty lump on her daughter's skin at the base of her spine would lead to a diagnosis of spina bifida occult with a tethered...