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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Apr 9, 2018

At just 25 weeks pregnant, Courtney was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and was hospitalized. Just 5 days later and after a terrifying emergent c-section, she would meet her daughter, McKenzie. In this episode Courtney talks about her entire experience from her own hospitalization and her daughter's 5-month stay in the NICU, and eventually going home. She talks about the balance of being a single, working mom and the struggles that come along with having a child with medical needs. Courtney will leave you feeling inspired and in utter awe of how she loves and supports her daughter. 

Courtney recommends Preemies - Second Edition: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature BabiesHelping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating: A Step-by-Step Guide for Overcoming Selective Eating, Food Aversion, and Feeding . If you'd like to connect with Courtney you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on her blog.

Thank you to Laura Morsman Photography for the beautiful pictures of Courtney and McKenzie. 

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