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Child Life On Call: Parents of children with an illness or medical condition share their stories with a child life specialist

Dec 9, 2020

(This episode was developed in partnership with Aflac. I was compensated for this episode, but all opinions are entirely my own. #ad)

In this episode, Katie Taylor, Certified Child Life Specialist talks about the importance of a community for caregivers. She interviews Nichole who shares what her son's experience with cancer has been like. Sara Stewart, Child Life Specialist at Lurie Children's Hospital discusses how she supports children and families during their cancer journey. 

Nichole refers to My Special Aflac Duck as a “game changer” for her son during his second fight with cancer. My Special Aflac Duck gives kids with cancer the chance to find joy through play. From feeding and bathing the duck to singing with it and hearing its heartbeat, this interactive companion helps kids find a distraction from their diagnosis.

Listen to more stories and find more resources for children, professionals and families at Child Life On Call.

This podcast episode is featured in Aflac’s "Do Good" community newsletter, which spotlights insights, ideas and individuals making a difference in the pediatric cancer community. Visit to sign up for their newsletter and register for a My Special Aflac Duck. Authorized professionals at licensed health care facilities can order a duck free of charge to give to pediatric cancer patients, age 3+, to own forever, and use with them during their cancer care.

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