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Load Bearing Beams

Apr 2, 2021

It's Roth v. Stokes in this episode. The gloves are off. Fisticuffs. A brawl for all. A royal rumble. Malice at the Palace. We got a donnybrook on our hand, folks, because Laci thinks the Roland Emmerich-Matthew Broderick Godzilla (1998) is the worst movie Load Bearing Beams has ever covered, while Matt thinks it is merely bad. Who will prevail? Matt's brother Elliott and sister Maggie stop by eventually (at the 1 hour, 4 minutes mark) to help settle the whole ordeal. 

Other topics covered include:

  • Laci and Matt have both now received the COVID vaccine
  • Matt suspects a boomer is sending him conspiracy theory videos in response to his advocacy for the vaccine on Facebook
  • The history of the Godzilla franchise
  • Why neither Laci nor Matt cares for Matthew Broderick
  • The Green Day song "Brain Stew"
  • Why Independence Day is good but Godzilla is bad
  • Why this Godzilla is bad, but still probably the best American-made Godzilla movie (Yes, it's better than the 2014 Gareth Edwards movie, is what we're saying.).