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Living A Life In Full

Oct 1, 2018

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could hang out with your family on a long weekend with scores of Nobel laureates, Pulitzer, MacArthur, National Humanities Medal- and Templeton Prize-winners, dozens of Oscar-, Emmy- and Grammy-winners, Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Members of Congress and Governors, many astronauts, 16 former candidates for U.S. President (Republicans and Democrats) and a number of winners as well, and Wimbledon and US Open and Olympic champions, as well as professional athletes, university presidents and deans, journalists, CEOs, Secretaries of State, Secretaries of Defense, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, the US Poet Laureate, clergy of various faiths and religion scholars, professors from various fields, Human Rights Activists, even Miss America?

Well thanks to an amazing couple and dynamic duo—Ambassador Philip Lader and Linda LeSourd Lader have done just that—welcome to the Renaissance Weekend.

Phil and Linda have created a space that fosters “Transforming ideas and relationships. Incredible mix of preeminent leaders, passionate change-makers and rising stars of all ages. More than a conference: it’s invitation-only, off-the-record. Non-partisan: All participants heard, all opinions welcome. More light than heat.”    

They have developed a way to build bridges among innovative leaders from diverse fields, one weekend at a time, with their families. I think that trumps TED, Aspen, and comes close to Davos, but you don’t bring the kids to Davos to speak!

Linda and Phil are truly living their lives in full, and helping to me the world a much better place.