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Everyone Loves Guitar

We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players and behind the "sidemen" who make the wheels spin for artists worldwide. If you love guitar, stick around… you’re in the right place.

May 31, 2022

A side man who’s also leader of his own band, Leroy From The North, Eli talks about moving from a suburb of Detroit to LA. Being painfully shy and working through it… “accidentally” stumbling into being an artist, music business highs and lows, developing endurance (physically and mentally), paying it forward...

May 24, 2022

On this Steve Hunter interview: WOW! Steve opens up about LOADS of cool stuff. Including stories about getting drafted into the Army at 19, and the tremendous benefits he got out of this experience… GREAT story about some dark times and how he got out of them… an unusual conversation he had with BB King, which...

May 20, 2022

“The Universe will do things in your life that you don’t know why, at the time…”

On this Niko Bolas Interview: Learning engineering by mixing church music and porn soundtracks, Getting sober and choosing to stay sober every morning, letting go of toxic friendships, amazing stories about working with Val...

May 17, 2022

Jeff opens up about a personal tragedy that remains unsolved… growing up with an alcoholic parent, leaving his hometown of Toledo, playing with Michael Landau, enjoying life, being a father, more 

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May 10, 2022

Kelly opens up about beating cancer, getting sober, and losing a close family member in this emotional interview. Also, his early rocker days… moving to (and from) LA, why he always “GOES FOR IT!” biggest life changes he’s made, LOADS more. 110% REAL: 

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