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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Aug 13, 2020

If you Google “workplace stress”, a plethora of data appears at your fingertips. The American Institute of Stress notes that job stress is the largest source of anxiety for Americans, and that it is escalating. In fact, job stress and burnout have become so common that the World Health Organization recognized it as an occupational syndrome in 2019! So if you’re feeling stressed and burned out, you certainly are not alone.

What studies show again and again is that stress and burnout aren’t about the individual or about the job itself. So what can leaders do to ensure their organizations are healthy, happy places to work? Natasha Wallace, author of The Conscious Effect: 50 Lessons for Better Organizational Wellbeing, is an expert on training leaders to transform their workplaces.

Listen in to hear lessons learned from her own burnout story and get actionable tips to help you create a healthier, less stressful workplace.