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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

Self-managing can be very stressful for most property owners. It can be difficult to maintain the consistency of day-to-day operations and maximizing income of the property. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of property owners consider partnering with third-party services, such as a Management Company. Tune in to this episode to identify some important things that you need to consider when choosing an efficient and service-oriented Management Company. 


Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Management Company
  • Systems and Processes of a Management Company
  • Things that you should consider and what to expect before choosing your management company
  • Your roles and responsibilities as a Business Owner and Operator
  • Attitudes that you must have as a Business Owner
  • Tips on how to make more money as Management Company or managing properties
  • How to make your Management Company more profitable
  • How to make your staff at your properties loyal
  • Costs and some expenses of the Property Owner working with a Management Team or Company  

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"I don't think Management Companies make  lots of money, but I do think you can control your overall product a lot more if you are managing and you have systems and people" - Corey Peterson

"You cannot do enough due diligence in selecting a management" - Corey Peterson

"Everybody's looking for excuses instead of taking ownership" - Corey Peterson

"I'm their biggest cheerleader, I champion my team and my staff even though they're manage by my management company, I let them know that they are important to me" - Corey Peterson


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