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ISLA RA BOOKS Reading Club, no. XXXXIV: Friends of ITK: David Finn, Signal of Doom

Jun 13, 2018

Once again Loonies - go forth into the breech!...

Or something like that!:P

Yes, it's that Loony Newsletter once again and as you can see from the title and header picture, things are slightly different for our OVER THE MOON...that's right, it's another one of our ISLA RA BOOKS spotlights and this time we are very pleased to have fellow podcaster and co-host to The Signal of Doom Podcast, David Finn, on the show!

For many of the Loonies out there, you may already be familiar with The Signal of Doom and have seen Dave online in our Loony Bin Chat room. The Signal of Doom are also proud members of The Collective and it's very special to have Dave on the show as we've had a close association with the Signal for some time now. Dave and Stew are always ready to give our show a plug, and as you'll hear on the show, we even joined forces for some Marvel Trivia and a local comic book swap meet.

Dave brings with him also, his four Isla Ra books - four comics you'd take to a desert island if you could only choose four. It's a difficult task and previous guests have found the same sort of predicament - 'Which four issues would I choose that I could read and re-read over and over again...?' We're not talking arcs, but single issues which makes it all the harder, but it's fun to see what Dave has in store for his and as with many Loonies, you may just find some gems of your own that lead you towards a whole new world! 

Dave's Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

(As always, we aren't giving anything away just yet! Be sure to listen to the episode, and check out the show notes if you want! That way, you can prep yourselves and read along with our chat...or, after listening to the show, use the show notes to refer you as to where to find them!)

It's a little hard to drop feedback for the comics reviewed (as you don't know what they are yet!), but how about the other Isla Ra Books Spotlights we've done previously? Did you get a kick out of Iron Fist Connor's choices of Daredevil #304? or Superman: Peace on Earth?...How about the Rickball Special and his choices of Gotham by Gaslight, or Ultimate X-Men?

We'd always love to hear from you and you can send us your thoughts at -

Finally, as a bit of incentive, our Isla Ra Books episodes also feature a little bit of tune in to hear what other part of Moon Knight's merry bunch features in the show! Also, as a teaser - Dave and I venture into another Marvel character's lair to review one of Dave's books....may Khonshu help us all!

That's it from me for this newsletter - thanks once again for all the support and for sharing your fandom - we really do love the community we're building and it could absolutely not happen without you, fair Loony! Until next time,

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective