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ITK Newsletter, no. CIX: OVER THE MOON: Arc Review, Marvel Comics Presents Vol. 1 #152-154

Oct 11, 2019

Hello Dear Loonies!

This newsletter is coming waaaay late and I'll put it down to the haphazard organisation which has occurred during the week due to some personal family matters which I've had to tend to...

Before I go any further, I just want to thank all the Loonies who dropped in a kind word after I posted up that PCA in a mild panic at the beginning of the week. I’m pretty transparent so I guess there’s no harm in divulging - my father (Grand Daddy Khonshu) has taken a turn health-wise and so has been in and out of hospital lately. When he was admitted towards the beginning of the week, I had that worrying, ‘here we go again’ feeling in my stomach, so I wanted to get things arranged and prepared so as not to have any distractions to worry about…basically allowing me to focus fully on my family. Although his overall health is not good, he’s recovering from the slight infection which he succumbed to and which led him to hospital….

Anyway, long story short, he’s in a stable condition and it’s nothing like it being the ‘ultimate worst case scenario’ so I’ve been itching to resume the podcast….the way I see it, it at least takes my mind off the stress from a short while…

I’ve been fortunate to reestablish the invitation to the special guests for the show, whom I had cancelled upon earlier in the week (thinking that the episode would not go ahead)….




Special Guests - Moon Knight-Core, Moonmin & Bushmin!!

Image result for comics now podcast

Bobby and Dave do absolutely AWESOME work on Facebook and their Moon Knight Fan Page is titanic to say the least! Forever grateful that they plug our wares, I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get them on the show, but we are here now and I can’t wait to chat with them - of course reviewing our arc review, but also to have a bit of a chat with them about the Moon Knight-Core; their thoughts on the most recent Moon Knight runs in comics; as well as their thoughts on the upcoming TV show!

It should be a fun chat, and can’t wait to finally chat with Bobby and Dave!

Have been experiencing some teething issues with our simulcast over the social media platforms, but will give it another go for this episode! You can join us and listen in real-time to the episode as it records and we can interact with you if you've any questions as we record! 

ITK GetVokl Podcast Room

Date: 12th October, 2019

Time: 9.00pm (AEDT)

Location: see link above..

On top of this, there is also the gracious gesture of our other High Priests Connor(shu) and Rebecca who put their hand up to do a show in my (initial) absence. I'm so sorry Connor(shu) and Rebecca for being the pest, and not staying away...but what this means is that we may possibly get two ITK episodes this weekend! I've requested that they continue their scheduled show (I always love their episodes!) so in a bout of fortune, this weekend may drop a double for you fair Loony listeners! 


I've already posted up a spoiler/discussion thread for the issues we'll review, so please check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and drop us a line if you can, to share your thoughts! We'll discuss on the show and it's always interesting to hear what other Moon Knight fans think of the comics we review...

If you DON'T want your comments broadcast, please just add, "(DNB)" at the end of your comment, and we'll be sure not to broadcast it. We'll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

If you aren't really a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram person, you can always reach us on any of the other platforms below - 

We love hearing from you and typically your comments generate thought provoking discussion on the show and allows us to dive deeper into the issues - don't hesitate to give it a go!


OK, this is a short newsletter, as there is not really much to add....oh!


A couple of shoutouts then -

As part of The Collective, I'd like to shout out the latest episode 45 of Inner Demons - A Ghost Rider Podcast...! The boys review the new Ghost Rider series by Brisson and Kubert, and it is EXCELLENT! Both the show and the comic! Check it!

Also, Episode 99 of Sons of the Dragon - An Immortal Iron Fist Podcast is out now too! They cover Contagion #1, and there's a minor crossover of sorts, as we'll eventually cover Contagion #4 which should contain Moon Knight (well, he's on the damn cover!)

Finally, The Signal of Doom Podcast Episode #134 features my esteemed co-host from the Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast, Connor McKenna as special guest and joining Dave on the Signal! Plenty of rants and saltiness levelled towards Star Wars, weekly comics, TV shows and more!

OK, that'll do me for this here newsletter. Hope to catch you around the community - be good to your family, and keep reading good comics... that's all you need to do! :)

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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