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May 25, 2022

This is part 2 of the two-part series on THE FEAR OF BECOMING DECREPIT. Do check out the first episode before this one for the whole context.


In this episode, Kevin and I continue on our discussion and discuss my recovery process from the ostomy surgery and the main takeaways from the whole event. What I learned and what this Old Guy would advise others about life.


We chat about purpose and what kept me going and made me jump right back at it even while I was recovering. And how this whole incident helped me highten my purpose.


We also briefly toched on the topic of testosterone treatment and how it helped me recover quicker than a normal patient and what we can learn from it.


Moreover, we also talked about fear and pain as motivators. How we use it in the Standard Academy course and how they can help you as well. All this and a lot more in this episode of "Old Guy Talks To Me"


We also discuss my love for Cigar and Scotch. How it helped me socialise, best time to visit a cigar bar, and even how to hold a cigar. All this and a lot more in this episode of "Old Guy Talks To Me"


A bit about me (Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj):

Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj enjoyed a prestigious career as a periodontal regenerative surgeon moving to a new passion in June 2018. He retired after a 33-year career to pursue new passions. At 69 Dr. Orest has taken on a new role as an Interviewer, Podcaster and government-certified Old Guy. He streams from his new home in Las Vegas, NV. He lives with his wife of 29 years, Oksana. His status as an empty-nesters with two out of college-employed children has left him with time and energy to share decades of successes, failures, and wisdom.


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Timestamps for the episode:

00:00 - Preview

00:50 - Intro

02:00 - were you still working during recovery and why?

03:00 - What is your purpose and how did your experience change you or heighten the purpose?

03:17 - The stantard academy accountability program

06:30 - How did the cigar and scotch friday start?

08:45 - Proper way to smoke a cigar

09:20 - Socialisation

11:40 - Best time to go to a cigar bar

13:10 - How did you start taking testosterone decades ago and how did it help with the surgery?

18:34 - Commercial

19:07 - Commercial ends/What's causing the decline in testosterone level in men?

20:20 - Interviews on testosterone

22:35 - Irrational fears

24:40 - Biggest takeaways

26:30 - Using fear and pain as motivators

30:40 - Closing thoughts

34:38 - Outro