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This podcast is all about getting started and moving past the fears and blocks and whatever else is getting the F-- in our way!

Often times it's ourselves.

Totally normal!

Doing the things talked about in the podcast works best with a community, with support and with talking about where you're at, what you're going through and whatever else may come up. 

Go to the contact page and email me your First and Last name so I can invite you to our Facebook community of innovators and creatives who are having these discussions and for more support from me! Including LIVE conversations and Q&A days and bonus: ask me whatever about podcasting!

Can't wait to meet you! Love you!


May 30, 2018

When life catches you off guard, how can you stay calm, collected and lets be honest....sane. I have a fun little acroynm you can carry with you when things get heated and life gets real. Just R.O.A.R.R. You may have to repeat it a few times but doing that in itself can take your mind off of what sparked those feelings...

May 29, 2018

You’ve had those moments where it feels like your power has slipped through your fingers like water. Not only that, but you are having the hardest time trying to get it back. Where the F does it go?! 

I have 3 things you can do to start to access your power again. Because, guess what? It didn’t go anywhere, you just...

May 23, 2018

What if you were worth it? No, seriously. If you've ever stopped yourself from doing something that felt right for reasons of fear, of negative self-talk, of reasons unknown then ask yourself this simple small question. Acknowledge that your thoughts are getting in the way and then replace them with this little question...

May 22, 2018

A guided meditation episode designed to access the power of your imagination and subconscious as we begin to connect to our inner voice and our inner truth. This all lies within our intuition and building a strong relationship with this part of us will amount to a more guided life.

Join me here:  Intuitive Creators...

May 16, 2018

Here’s a tip that emphasizes what we’ve done in the past. It can help soothe the chaos or inspire during creative sleepiness. It’s designed to celebrate what we’ve done and to remember how we create when under the spell of the muse. If you’ve done it before, you can do it again. 

Happy Creating!

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