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Wonderfully Made

Jun 13, 2022

Blair Linne , author, speaker, actress, and spoken word artist, shares her story of experiencing the pain of fatherlessness and offers an invitation to be loved by a Father who will never abandon us. Blair’s personal story of growing up without a father at home reflects the experiences of millions. She shares how the gospel reshaped her identity and transformed her life. Our conversation with Blair will help girls and women with father wounds shift their eyes from what they do not have in their earthly fathers (who, whether present or absent, loving or the opposite, can never be perfect) to what they do have in their eternal Father, who will never disappoint, reject, or abandon them. Be encouraged that no matter what your story is, the gospel promises not just forgiveness but also a place in God’s family, experienced in a local church, where you can enjoy the fullness of his fatherly joy, care, wisdom, provision, protection, and security.


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