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Mar 20, 2024

Dr. Ted Naiman is a distinguished physician recognized for his contributions to the field of health and wellness. With a background in family medicine and bariatric medicine, Dr. Naiman has built a reputation for his innovative patient care approaches, focusing on lifestyle interventions for chronic disease management. He is the author of several influential publications and a sought-after speaker at health conferences worldwide. His groundbreaking work in nutritional health has positioned him as a key thought leader in the medical community.

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt is a highly esteemed medical professional and a pioneer in the digital health space. He has garnered widespread acclaim for his work in simplifying complex medical concepts for the general public, particularly through his influential health website. Dr. Eenfeldt's commitment to patient education and empowerment has made a significant impact, evidenced by the large online community he has built. As a speaker and author, he continues to contribute to important discussions on health and wellness, inspiring a global audience. and 

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