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Apr 11, 2024

Drako, an international entrepreneur, nutrition advocate and partner at Nose to Tail, champions a diet centered on whole natural foods, emphasizing their crucial role in optimal health. He is the co-founder of the Sapien Center and the Sapien Movement, a community organization focused on human health and thriving. After solving multiple chronic health conditions through nutrition and lifestyle methods, he now promotes the use of nutrient-dense foods to combat chronic diseases and insulin resistance. Beyond the health sector, Drako has made significant strides in the financial world as CEO of the African fintech company His diverse expertise reflects a commitment to enhancing human health and wealth in the modern world.

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(05:16) One of the keys to longevity among those living in “Blue Zones” are their tight-knit communities and strong sense of personal identity, more than just their nutrition.

    • (11:27) Longevity is not just the amount of years you live, but the quality of experiences and that throughline of purpose in your life.

    • (20:59) Avoid eating plants with vigor-altering chemicals, which become gut irritants that poison the body over time. Such chemicals exist as a defense mechanism to prevent the over-eating of these plants.

    • (29:48) Whatever is in your body is there for a reason, in accordance with nature.



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