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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Nov 9, 2020

First some difficult news: Maisie is in hospital being treated for a rare type of cancer. She is trying to stay positive and says: "Hello to everyone. I'm working on coming back ASAP!" You can send her a personal message via:

We're back in partial lockdown, with all hospitality and cultural venues closed. More than 70 such businesses are trying to sue to stay open, with little hope. They can apply for 75% of their usual monthly income. Will they be scared to ask for money, after the legal recriminations for those who took the last coronavirus support package? Here's where you find out more about about Überbrückungshilfe Unternehmen:

Where have people been catching COVID-19? Berlin's health department has released statistics: 55% at home, 15% in hospitals and care homes, 4% in 'free time', 3.5% at work, 2.5% at school - and only 2.1% in restaurants.

Tegel Airport has finally closed. Dan interviews Ben, a flight attendant who was on one of the last flights out of the hexagonal terminal.

This episode was presented by Joel Dullroy, Daniel Stern and Jöran Mandik.