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Criminal Records Podcast

Oct 7, 2021

A Salvation Army-inspired preacher decided to turn a small Oregon town into a new Eden. His method for achieving this: public nudity, floggings, bonfires, and sex rituals. When the worried families of his victims tried to stop him, they set off a chain of deaths.

Content notes: Murder, sexual exploitation of women and girls, suicide.

In case it's not clear from our discussion in the episode, we don't believe there's anything inherently wrong with the enthusiastic methods of worship that Protestant movements descended from the wider movement once called "Holy Rollers" practice today. However, in this case, Creffield was taking those methods to extremes as a thought-stopping technique in combination with isolating his followers and depriving them of food, sleep, and appropriate clothing. We do, however, want to put the Salvation Army on blast for its history and its current discriminatory practices.

Show notes and sources at this link