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Jul 9, 2023

Dr. Virginia “Ginger” Campbell is a physician, author, and science communicator. She is the author of “Are You Sure: The Unconscious Origins of Certainty” and she is a member of the Podcast Hall of Fame (2022).  Dr. Campbell began podcasting in 2006 when she launched two shows: Brain Science and Books and Ideas. Brain Science is still going strong and is widely regarded as the best podcast about neuroscience.  Dr. Campbell spent over 20 years as an emergency physician in rural Alabama. In 2014 she went back to the University of Alabama in Birmingham where she completed a Fellowship in Palliative Medicine.  She now practices Palliative Medicine at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Birmingham, AL, where she enjoys both patient care and teaching residents, fellows, and medical students.

Ginger joins Unlatched Mind to discuss various topics related to neuroscience, consciousness, decision-making, intuition, beliefs, and personal experiences. We touch upon subjects like the limitations of artificial intelligence, the complexity of the human brain, the role of intuition in decision-making, the importance of open-mindedness, the power of personal narratives, and the significance of embracing a big story in life.   Ginger shares insights from her own experiences, including her participation in vision quests, and emphasizes the value of showing up in life and cultivating a larger story for oneself.

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