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Aug 6, 2023

Ryan Michler is the founder of Order of Man, and he's doing some fantastic work helping men become better leaders in their lives. We delved into the concept of resilient masculinity and how it's essential to embrace our roles as men in today's world.  

We discuss the challenges modern men face and how we need to navigate the changing landscape of masculinity.  Ryan emphasized the importance of understanding that being a man doesn't mean suppressing emotions, but rather learning from them and responding appropriately.

We also explored the impact of social media and how it affects our perceptions of success, happiness, and self-worth. It's crucial to avoid the comparison trap and focus on our individual journeys rather than trying to measure up to others.

Ryan shared his thoughts on personal responsibility and the need for men to step up and take ownership of their lives. We agreed that playing the victim only hinders growth, and real progress comes from taking control of our destinies.

We touched on the significance of community and how surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals can positively influence our personal growth. Ryan's perspective on building connections and bonds with others resonated deeply with me.

Our conversation also veered into the topic of faith and its impact on our lives. Ryan shared his spiritual beliefs, and I found it inspiring how his faith shapes his outlook on life, giving him an eternal perspective on his actions.

Stoicism was another subject we explored, and it was fascinating to see how it aligns with many biblical principles. We discussed the idea of not letting emotions dictate our actions and using them as a factor in decision-making rather than reacting impulsively.

Throughout the episode, Ryan emphasized the need for humility and self-awareness in personal development. It's essential to acknowledge that we all have room for growth and that our actions and choices matter in shaping our lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Ryan , and I highly recommend checking out his work at or at Instagram at

So, be sure to listen to the full episode and get inspired by Ryan's insights on embracing resilient masculinity and achieving personal growth.  Listen & enjoy!