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Nov 18, 2023

I had the privilege of delving into the fascinating realm of biophysics and cellular intelligence with Guy Odishaw, the founder of CerebralFit. The conversation unfolded around the revolutionary field of biologic medicine, where the integration of light therapy, or electroceuticals, takes center stage in leveraging the innate intelligence of our cells for optimal health.

Our dialogue began by exploring the profound connection between humans and the natural world, drawing parallels between how plants harness light energy for sustenance and oxygen production and how our bodies absorb sunlight to produce vital substances like vitamin D. Guy eloquently explained the intricate dance between grounding, or earthing, and sunlight exposure, emphasizing the transformative process of becoming a living battery through these elemental practices.

The core of our discussion revolved around the medicinal potential of light, particularly in the red and near-infrared spectrums. Guy elucidated the science behind this, shedding light on the approximately 1,400 chemical products produced in the body through sunlight exposure. Beyond vitamin D, photons serve as essential elements for cellular communication and function, making light therapy a powerful tool to influence cellular physiology predictably and repeatably.

The conversation transitioned into a deeper exploration of the body's response to light therapy. Guy eloquently likened our bodies to a person managing their income and expenses, drawing parallels between the resources we allocate and the deferred maintenance within our biological systems. By providing the body with the "resources" of light energy, cellular vitality is reinvigorated, leading to healing and regeneration.

What sets this approach apart is its positivistic focus on vitalizing the system rather than merely combating specific pathogenic forces. Guy used a compelling analogy, likening the body's response to increased resources to an individual with newfound wealth attending to neglected repairs in their home. This fresh perspective challenges the traditional allopathic approach, emphasizing enhancement and vitality over mere negation of diseases.

As the conversation unfolded, we delved into the intelligence inherent in cellular structures and tissues. Drawing inspiration from Michael Levin's TAME theory, which posits that mind extends beyond humans and even lower animals, Guy explored the concept of agency and communion at the cellular level. The discussion unfolded into a rich tapestry where cells possess inherent intelligence, and the challenge lies in providing them with the resources to optimize their function.

A key distinction emerged as Guy contrasted biologic medicine with pharmaceutical approaches. Instead of micromanaging and forcing changes at the molecular level, biologic medicine opts for a holistic strategy, providing resources to enhance cellular intelligence and allowing the body's innate wisdom to guide healing and regeneration.

The podcast episode provided a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of biologic medicine, bridging ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science. Guy's insights challenged conventional paradigms and opened doors to a new era of healthcare that respects and collaborates with the inherent intelligence of living systems. The discussion hinted at a promising future where the understanding of cellular intelligence becomes a fundamental principle in scientific exploration and medical practice.

To explore more on this transformative journey into biologic medicine and cellular intelligence, visit Guy Odishaw's website at and dive into the extensive research, articles, and resources he generously shares. You can also schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discover how biologic medicine may unlock new dimensions of health and vitality for you.