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Powerhouse Women

Oct 31, 2019

Life as we know it can change in an instant - and that is exactly what our guest today experienced just over a year ago when a car accident changed the course of her career and life. 


Dr Mallory Fox is the owner of Foxy FIT and co-owner of Baptiste Power Yoga Phoenix. She loves to serve her community through mindful movement and conscious connection. She is also a fellow Lululemon ambassador which is how we met, so it’s no surprise that she lists her addictions as “Lululemon and coffee”


Our intention is that today’s conversation offers hope to anyone else who may be healing from trauma, and that it would also serve as a reminder that, even if the attitude of “I’ll do it myself” has worked for you in the past (because for a lot of us, it has) can do so much more if you allow others to contribute to you, and remember that you are NOT meant to do life (or business) alone. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Mallory’s journey recovering from a traumatic brain injury
  • How the experience helped Mallory learn to ask for (and accept) help
  • How allowing others to contribute actually fosters deeper connection with people


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