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Powerhouse Women

Nov 30, 2021

If you have a small audience, it might actually be to your benefit. Today, I am sharing why this is, and the steps that I took with my business to outsell our audience. Powerhouse Women is a multi-six figure business and we serve less than 1,000 paying customers. With that in mind, just think what a couple hundred paying customers can do for your business as you’re just starting out! The key is not to let the thought that you have a small audience get in the way of how you show up every day.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it means to “outsell your audience”
  • Where your mindset should be when trying to outsell your audience
  • Getting your launches to connect with your audience
  • How to stand out in the sea of content on the internet
  • How to consistently spread your message while avoiding fatigue



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  • Lindsey mentioned the book, Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller.



( :50 ) Welcome back to another episode!

( 1:25 ) Lindsey asks listeners, “Does anyone feel like their audience is too small to have the business and the impact you want?”

( 1:44 ) In this episode, Lindsey will share the top 3 ways that have helped outsell the size of the Powerhouse Women audience.

( 4:45 ) Lindsey says that before she shares the 3 things, the first wants to start with the mindset.

( 7:04 ) Why a smaller audience can work to your benefit.

( 9:35 ) Lindsey explains what it means when she says “outsell the size of your audience”.

( 10:09 ) Lindsey explains the first factor that has helped her outperform.

( 12:55 ) Lindsey explains the second factor that has helped her outperform.

( 18:55 ) Lindsey explains the third factor that has helped her outperform.

( 21:15 ) Lindsey encourages you that you have a message; don’t lose momentum sharing it  because you don’t think your audience is big enough.

( 21:50 ) Lindsey recently announced her new course, “Organic Launch Blueprint”.