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Powerhouse Women

May 4, 2023

Ashley LeMieux is a content creator and the co-founder of CreatorSource, a new platform with all the tools and strategies to navigate the world of influencer marketing. If you dream of monetizing your community and platform, but get overwhelmed at the thought of setting your rates and negotiating brand deals with confidence, CreatorSource was made for you. 

In our conversation, Ashley and I explore the possibilities that exist in the influencer marketing space and talk about the steps to take so you can start making money on social media today. Ashley also shares her advice for anyone who thinks their audience is too small or fears coming off as ‘sales-y’ to their followers. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to pitch to brands as a content creator 

  • Ashley’s top tips for figuring out your pricing and deliverables 

  • Giving yourself permission to make an impact and pursue your passion 

  • Why influencer marketing works and continues to to be the top marketing strategy for brands 

  • The reality of creating viral content (and what you should try to do instead)

  • Ashley’s favorite features on CreatorSource 


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