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Powerhouse Women

Jul 26, 2022

When I’m working with clients or Girl Gang members, I often see this loop that can happen where we get stuck on a question and we're not able to see a new answer. We look for it either outside of ourselves, or we just end up in an analysis paralysis cycle of overthinking. I’ve come up with some ways to actually strengthen the connection to your  intuition so that you can discover more clarity around your next move. Tune in to hear my top three tips for tapping into your inner wisdom and unlocking your own answers. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Signs that you’re disconnected from your intuition 
  • What I’ve been learning about myself through Human Design
  • My go-to breathing exercises to calm my nervous system 
  • Why sometimes for a season, I’ll stop consuming most other content 
  • Examples of how taking action has lead to clarity in my life 


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