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Oct 29, 2006

Secrets of the Wooden Door - An Original Podcast Audio Drama Written by Brian Sommer and Patrick Hurd

Brian Sommer
Patrick Hurd
Greg Clapp
Calvin Barrie
Paul Barrie
Peter Reneday
Corey Burton
and a supporting cast of thousands.

Join the WindowtotheMagic Team as we celebrate Halloween with our latest and...

Oct 23, 2006

Patrick and Paul team up again for some emails and to talk about the upcoming Halloween episode, Mousefest and we visit with Jeremy Irons for the ride-thru of all ride-thrus. We also take a trip to Paris for another Halloween treat! NEXT Sunday, the 29th of October 2006, the podcast will present its...

Oct 16, 2006

Well... we were supposed to have a buddy-type show this week with Patrick and me answering emails, etc, but due to the long hours of editing on the Halloween show (15 hours at last count and he was almost half way done... ) when it came time to record the show... Patrick fell asleep and never got on Skype. So... this is...

Oct 9, 2006

Howdy Folks! This week we dive back in to the listener email bag and address a few long, and I mean LONG overdue emails for you all. This means that we are tying together pirates and dca, jazz and the macarena, tron and show stops. On Sunday, the 29th of October 2006, the podcast will present its...

Oct 2, 2006

Man its funny how a little thing like a portable media expo can change your perspective on things.... Yes on this, no on the other... Many things can an will, but probably not soon. Now that I am done with my crypt-o-gram, I will tell you that this week we play a "WhereinthePark?" game for prizes. Enjoy! Meet the WttM...