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Feb 1, 2022

A self-confessed 'entreprenerd', Andrew founded Dojo University in 2008, channelling three decades of expertise as a world-champion bagpiper into a thriving business that now coaches thousands of students to master the bagpipes. Thanks to his strong vision, constant innovation, and penchant for challenging assumptions, Dojo University has grown from the world’s first online bagpipe-music provider into the largest, most successful learning environment for bagpiping in the world – a particularly admirable feat given how traditionally gatekept and change-resistant this musical niche and its target demographic can be.

Twitter: @pipersdojo

Instagram:  @pipersdojo



1:07 "You took this thing that, my experience is, is a careful in-person mentored one-on-one thing and you've turned it into an online business." - Brian Keith

5:28 "I was able and willing to take this crazy bagpipe thing and break it down into regular language that you don't have to be an insider to understand." - Andrew Douglas

9:23 "You have to be careful with doing the one thing over and over again." - Andrew Douglas

13:10 "We have students who have achieved a really impressive level of success in 1-2 years." - Andrew Douglas

15:37 "If you write your ideas down, clarity usually follows." - Andrew Douglas

17:03 "We're looking to build a long term relationship." - Andrew Douglas

19:07 "Handling a trombone while marching with a group of fantastic for basically all kinds of development." - Brian Keith