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Apr 19, 2022

Aaron Walker has founded more than a dozen companies over the past 42 years and has appeared on more than 2,000+ podcast interviews. 

He attributes much of his success to having surrounded himself with peer advisors like Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham and others who met weekly as a mastermind group for nearly a decade (long before their meteoric achievements). 
Aaron is the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI), a mastermind for success-minded men and woman who want to level-up in all areas of life. ISI has grown to over 20 mastermind groups since 2013.
After some prodding, Aaron created The Mastermind Playbook to teach entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable, lifestyle business running mastermind groups. 
Aaron lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Robin of 40 years, 2 incredible daughters, and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

2:30 "The idea of being vulnerable for entrepreneurs in general... that doesn't feel very comfortable." - Brian Keith


4:00 "And quite honestly, that's where strength begins. The intersection at which you're willing to, in a safe environment, share with people." - Aaron Walker


5:03 "If you're hearing my voice today, you don't have every area of your life together." - Aaron Walker


6:17 "I am doing this thing because I want to understand my blind spots better." - Brian Keith


8:01 "To be in a community of people that really forge us forward is immeasurable." - Aaron Walker


8:51 "The most valuable part of being in community... is perspective." - Aaron Walker


10:28 "We need to be able to have a safe place that we can be vulnerable in, transparent, share our ideas." - Aaron Walker


13:09 "Listen, this is not a trial run. This is our life, we're going through it right now." - Aaron Walker


15:59 "You're not going to last long-term if whatever task you want to not in alignment with your core values." - Aaron Walker


18:25 "What do you want?" - Aaron Walker