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Jul 12, 2022

Arvid Kahl is the founder of the edtech SaaS, FeedbackPanda and writer at The Bootstrapped Founder; a blog about his entrepreneurial experiences and journey.

Twitter: @arvidkahl


2:13 "I've found that there's an 80/20 distribution between things you should be talking about as an expert." -Arvid Kahl


3:34 "That's how you branch out: you do it slowly and essentially by increasing the radius of the topics that you're talking about." -Arvid Kahl


5:48 "Just like on any other social media, you are who you're surrounded by!" -Arvid Kahl


7:30 "What matters is the law that is put into place that prevents you... [from doing] what they have to struggle with." -Arvid Kahl


10:46 "I'd rather live in a world where I don't know what country the person that I'm hiring is in." -Brian Keith


11:53 "You're looking at it from your intentionally limited expert perspective; you're not imagining yourself to be an expert on warfare or geo-politics." -Arvid Kahl


20:46 "I found that I am past this point where I just am the person that I want to be on Twitter, and I stopped really caring about being misunderstood." -Arvid Kahl


29:05 "You need to be consistent in what you do; that's why people follow you over time." -Arvid Kahl