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Jan 10, 2023

Anthony Walsh wants to help you find health, happiness, and longevity through cycling and is building a community around him that is accomplishing just that.


Cycling is in Anthony’s blood. As a child, his bike was an adventure machine providing him with a way to explore the land outside of his local community. Through adulthood, a bike was always there not only as a commuting machine, but as a way of life when he became a professional cyclist. Now he wants others to realize that the path to longevity and vitality is best traveled atop a bike and emerging from this ethos is Roadman Cycling.


Roadman Cycling offers coaching to elite, expert, and professional cyclists alike, but it’s his podcast where he and his guests share wisdom through inspirational, intimate, and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about how to recapture your health through cycling.


Instagram: @Roadman.cycling

Facebook Business: Roadman Cycling

LinkedIn: Anthony Walsh

Twitter: @RoadmanCycling


2:10 How cycling impacted each portion of Anthony’s life.


5:59 "The way we live at the moment, we're not designed for that." -Anthony Walsh


8:08 "All we need in life to be happy is progress." -Anthony Walsh


11:07 "You don't have to carve out more time for this." -Anthony Walsh


14:35 The price Anthony paid to gain focus.


16:54 "This was the first time I'd ever taken a guy in his mid-forties, overweight, and all the bad lifestyle habits you can imagine."-Anthony Walsh


18:50 Anthony's 5-step system for health and wellness.