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Feb 21, 2023

After dropping out of college following just one year of studies, Patrick Butler immersed himself in the world of sales and business. Rather than being confined to a strict curriculum, he doubled down on his education to learn about what fascinated him the most.


This led to a career in the residential solar industry. He began as a door-to-door salesman and transformed the opportunity to be a founder of Better Earth Inc in 2019. Since then, Better Earth has become the fastest-growing solar company in the nation.


In an effort to widen his search for knowledge and to share it with the world, Knowledge Without College was created as a platform for Patrick to host guests from all walks of life to share their specialized knowledge and unique perspective.


Patrick is based out of Los Angeles metropolitan area and works at Better Earth as Chief Operations Officer. He is co-founder of Better Earth and the host of the Knowledge Without College podcast and the Mars Mindset podcast.




Twitter: @PatrickButler00

Instagram: @patrickbutler00

Podcast: Knowledge Without College Podcast

Podcast: Mars Mindset podcast


3:55 "It doesn't take much to just get into a conversation with a customer." -Patrick Butler


6:59 Why Patrick's people moved around the country for a direct sales position.


8:05 "You're creating an unfair advantage for your staff." -Brian Keith


12:01 Why Better Earth came into existence.


15:49 "We regularly accept people with no prior sales experience." -Patrick butler


18:15 What it takes to motivate a maximum sales performer.


20:32 "All of a sudden the entire universe is conspiring against you." -Patrick Butler