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Mar 7, 2023

Jake and Kat Levingston are entrepreneurs, Christians, parents, dreamers, freedom fighters, and world travelers who have a big passion to help people succeed in all areas of life. They teach people how to start their own business using online platforms and are big believers in the free enterprise system and financial freedom. They have been helping people get into business for themselves and teaching the importance of budgeting, mentorship, and personal growth for 7 years.


The Levingstons truly want to give people the hope that anyone can accomplish anything they desire, as long as they have the willingness and right vehicle to do so.


Instagram: @jakeandkatlevingston


0:55 The Levingstons’ first steps as entrepreneurs.


2:23 "Ok, that sentence right there. That’s like a 5-hour interview right there!" -Brian Keith


3:27 The moment of choosing between money and your values.


4:32 "I was actually introduced to some very successful entrepreneurs in the area." -Jake Levingston


5:35 A business gives you freedom from control under somebody else.


6:47 What the Levingstons have accomplished and their goals for the future.


7:59 "We were taught that our entire lives." -Kat Levingston