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Mar 21, 2023

BowTiedSystems is a premier ZoomInfo partner and a leading sales technology thought leader and consultant. With a focus on helping organizations of all sizes optimize their sales tech stack, BowTiedSystems is dedicated to helping sales teams increase their time spent selling, uncover new revenue opportunities, and boost productivity by 400%.


Whether you're a startup or an enterprise company, BowTiedSystems has the skills to help you make the most of your sales tools and drive business growth. You can find him on his popular Twitter account where he shares his insights and industry updates.


Twitter: @BowTiedSystems


1:02 The BowTied Community and anonymity.


3:11 "The core problem is they don't know how to use the tech they have." - BowTiedSystems


5:12 Understanding and defining trigger events for sales prospects.


7:27 Utilizing resources such as LinkedIn to filter sales prospects.


8:25 "Email deliverability: it's a huge problem." -BowTiedSystems


10:27 "Adding too much information backfires a lot." -BowTiedSystems