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Jun 15, 2021

Laura entered the operations world through optimizing purchasing, supply chain, and distribution processes for a mission driven B Corp located in Brooklyn. Her superpower is systematizing and operationalizing processes in order to support rapid growth and expansion in small businesses. She also has an equally creative side that allows her to see unique solutions to problems. Studying the lifecycle of a manufacturing process primed her for designing and optimizing customer journeys in a holistic and cohesive way. 

Moving into the digital marketing space as the Director of Operations for Ziva, a meditation company based in NYC, she helped to scale the business from $800k to $3MM leveraging the power of automation. She helped create their flagship online course (zivaONLINE) which had over a 70% completion rate, launch a best-selling book, create a kids meditation course, and build a new membership site that now houses over 10 courses.

She is now settling into her new role at Keap, where she is building a new team centered around education for entrepreneurs. Keap Academy will focus on creating high impact educational content for small businesses, showcasing best practices in everything from how to use the Keap product line to leadership, and all the sales and marketing automation you can imagine in between.



Instagram: @lauraskills

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