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COACHED with Coach Keren

Jun 24, 2019


This episode is going to inspire you shake you up and give you some reasonable tips that you can immediately take action with.

Let's address reality.

We are the principal ones who are making ourselves overwhelmed. We're spending two hours a day on social media. We check our phones. One hundred and fifty times a day. And you corporates and all the rest of us spend about 25 percent of our day answering emails.

Start here by not beating yourself up for where you are. And by acknowledging what you really want instead. What you really want is to learn what you can do about the situation. AND I'M ABOUT TO GIVE YOU THE FUNDAMENTAL keys to help you stop feeling that annoying anxiety of so much to do so little time and more.

Isn't it true that we all work from home and so we all have a work life balance problem?

Define your working hours. I personally work no more than five hours a day. You might work out how many hours are right for you to work and carve those out and then just make those your hours no more. You have to know when to start your personal life. Otherwise you are never going to stop working with the devices today.

Manage your work and your time and to get stuff done. Make a to do list and don't just make a list like everybody does that just spews out everything that needs to get done.