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COACHED with Coach Keren

Apr 29, 2021

Welcome back to another special episode – this time welcoming my extraordinary guest and friend, the best-selling author of “Ketotarian,” “The Inflammation Spectrum,” and “Intuitive Fasting,” and the host of the new podcast: The Art of Being Well, Dr. Will Cole. In today's episode, we're joining forces to share and discuss his thoughts about the backlash he suffered against his book, Intuitive Fasting, and how he dealt with the criticism and harsh words he faced on social media. Through the story of what happened, I talk to Dr. Cole about what he has learned from the experience, and how we can deal with criticism and taking accountability versus accepting shame, or shaming, as any form of legitimate means for creating change. 

Tune in as Dr. Cole speaks about the importance of compassion and acceptance and for his top tips to staying “in the arena” and delivering your best work and honest message - no matter what.

In This Episode:

  • [05:25] Dr. Cole talks about the backlash he received from his book, “Intuitive Fasting,” and how he achieved a place of real peace with and through the ordeal.
  • [08:15] Learn about what Intuitive Fasting is, why it’s not restrictive, and how it can inspire you to listen to your body.  
  • [12:20] Listen to the story of how Dr. Cole came to thank the people that tried to silence him because it just made his presence more firm and his reach farther-reaching. 
  • [18:15] Dr. Cole and I help you deconstruct how you can choose which feedback to take and which feedback not to take.
  • [24:15] Why you need to be flexing your mindfulness muscles every single day, and a few excellent ways to do so. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Root yourself in your intention. To rise above criticism, stay mindful and be gentle with yourself by recognizing if your intention was not to harm and was truly earnest.
  • Shame feels like rejection. Social media shame feels like the possibility of collective rejection. You have to learn to identify this feeling and stop it in its tracks. To do so, first:  go inward and realize that nothing crazy is going on. That way, you can recognize that you will be okay and work through the details from a calm place. 
  • Rely on a squad of people who have been in your shoes and can lend you a much greater perspective.
  • Find the perspective of gratitude to ground yourself. Appreciation is like empathy: it dissolves the stinging effect of shame.