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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Nov 12, 2021

In this episode, UnitedHealth Group National Vice President, Cyrus Batheja joins Eric to share his inspirational personal story and how it motivates his desire to break down the barriers to healthcare.


During the conversation, it becomes clear Cyrus is a remarkable individual. He details his family’s journey to America and his experience growing up in this country as a first-generation immigrant. We all get to understand how Cyrus’s background provides him a unique perspective that enables him to be exceptional at his work.


Cyrus advises us on the importance of utilizing empathy as a strategy by driving meaningful cultural change within the workplace. He discusses tactics like poverty simulation, motivational interviewing and special training.


This episode is full of thought-provoking concepts and ideas. Cyrus’s journey reminds us to be thankful for being born in this country and inspires us to improve the quality of life for the consumers we serve.


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