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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Dec 8, 2023

Leaders from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, Highmark and Quest Analytics discuss how health plans are examining and reimagining their provider strategies to stay competitive and meet their members' evolving needs. By focusing on areas such as compliance, network adequacy, data integrity, and performance metrics, plans are redefining their own roles and enhancing quality and affordability for their members.

Our panel of experts will share their insights and experiences. Possible topics of discussion:

  • Compliance
  • Network adequacy
  • Data integrity
  • Performance metrics & goals

Quest Analytics sponsors this episode

Quest Analytics’ software platform empowers you to analyze, expertly manage meticulously, and impeccably report on your provider network‘s adequacy and the provider data accuracy across your entire organization and all lines of business. You can trust them! CMS does, and they are among eight of the nation’s largest health plans that leverage its software and services, not to mention multiple state regulatory agencies and many of the nation’s leading health systems and provider groups. They manage, measure and monitor health plan network performance so that together, we can elevate the health of communities nationwide. They also enable health plans to differentiate their position in the marketplace through a vastly superior provider network. My words, not theirs, and I know I am simplifying things a bit …but think of them as the Kayak for physician quality and accessibility data. For more information, please visit the Quest Analytics website at



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